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Colour and Art,Feel Good

Colour and Art,Feel Good.

Colour and Art can make you feel good about your self,especially on a dull day,i enjoy Nature and Art with lots of Colour.

My Website has lots of Colour and Nature and Web Links.

What you will see here is a collection of Art and Colour with a little Nature thrown in for some Natural Colour,Shape which will be pleasing on the eye. is a lot of Colour with Nature and an unusual Design,which i hope everyone will enjoy here.

I like Colour because it releases a feel good factor in you and changes your entire mood,and alters youand your state of mind.

Colour can make you happy and inspire you to be creative,it is all within you and how you feel at the time.


Why not have some colour in your home,splash abit of colour in your Living Room,Dining Room,Kitchen,and feel good about who you are.


Colour is all around you and Nature can provide you with Art,be creative and enjoy.


My Downloads of Art are a nice price at £0.60 and you get to download them straight away.

Custom Art in your home,Nice Art.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my first post on Nice Art.

On Nice Art you will see lots of Colour and inspirational Pictures of Nature,Article’s and Picture’s available to download and buy and Print off yourself.

My Articles will have bursts of Colour and Nature Scenes and my own Custom Picture’s of Digital Art with a Splash of Colour.

Colour can energise you and uplift your Mood and have a Positive overall attitude towards life,choose your Colour to suit your mood such as Clothing,even having a cupa we tend to pick a specific mug with it’s colour and design,we choose tbings with colour sometimes with out thinking to much,we choose things because of how we feel at the time.

Colour can offer lots of energy,emotions,calm,passion and more.

Enjoy what you choose and appreciate colour all around you.



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