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Nature,The Birds & The Bees.

Garden Birds,Feeding Time.

Nature,The Birds & The Bees.


Nature,The Birds & The Bees not only do i enjoy Art and Picture’s i also spend my time showing off Nature and Arts and Crafts,occasionally i write Articles.


Who likes to feed the Birds or watch Bees flying around from flower to Flower collecting Necta or taking a walk in the countryside and exploring everything to do with Nature.


You can see so much if you take time out and stroll around or take  a brisk walk to get the heart pumping.

Garden Birds,Feeding Time.
Garden Birds,Feeding Time.

Blue Tits and Great Tits are some of our popular garden birds,winter time at the moment is when they need you,i took this picture (above)as part of a timelapse video,so i had quite a few picture’s to choose from.

South Park full of Wildlife.
See more Nature Birds.

Bee’s are another of my favourites and i have captured many Picture’s of them,if you can get close enough you can see the colour of them more clearly,you can see different varietys on a walk when they are busy.


Lavendar Bee
Lavendar Bee.

By just taking a walk can enhance your Spirit and re-energise you Mentally and Physically and see the bird’s and the bee’s.

Going for a walk,can clear out any mental clutter in your mind and loosen up those stiff joints and improve your circulation,if you do decide to explore walking,nature provides healing and spiritual moments.


Your mind and body will thank you for taking the step in the right direction.


Even in Winter you can enjoy Nature with bare trees and blue skies and

as the Sunset’s you can see bare trees glowing with warmth.


You can see picture’s on my Website their are many links such as mygallery  including links to Myblog.

Thank you taking the time to read my Post,Enjoy.

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